Flew the DJI Mavic Pro out on a sunny Sunday morning. There's something about driving a few hours away to find a higher perspective.

It’s not very often that I’ve seen a totally empty campground—add to that one in a lush wooded area. Last weekend I took a short flight around the closed grounds near Coos Bay, Oregon and the atmosphere could’ve have been more perfect.

I’ve been to the Salton Sea many times through the years and with each visit things change, but the eeriness and beauty remain.

I love driving out to the desert and photographing it's beauty , but wanted to capture it in a different perspective. If you're from the San Diego county area, you'll surely be familiar with these sculptures.

A short video of my full-blast adventure to four countries in two weeks. Half a day in Tokyo, Four Days in Kuala Lumpur with a 24 hour trip to Singapore thrown in the mix, and finally the remaining time in the Philippines (Manila, Baler, & Coron).